Sunny Ray

Stay in the Moment

Sunny’s on a mission to engineer a better world!

He is a successful entrepreneur, an innovative engineer and the loving father of two beautiful little girls.  For nearly 20 years, millions of people have benefited from the products and services that he’s helped bring to market.  People enjoy his warmth, humour and the transformational force of his business vision and leadership.

Sunny operates beyond the level of pure business and always considers relevant social, economic, environmental, political and cultural issues in the local, national and global level. He is incredibly passionate about business, strategy and community development with a drive to create partnerships and opportunities in new geographies. His best work is done inside highly disruptive industries such as Bitcoin, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence.

Since December 2013, he’s the Founder and President of Unocoin, a leading Bitcoin and blockchain company. Unocoin is a platform that makes it easy to securely trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto-assets for more than 1.5 million people in India.  The company is backed by reputable investors such as the Digital Currency Group, Boost VC and Funders Club. Prior to Unocoin, he worked at Silicon Valley based startup Buttercoin, a white label Bitcoin exchange incubated inside Y combinator and invested in by Google Ventures.

Before following his passion for Bitcoin, he spent nearly a decade in robotics and mechatronic systems. He focused on helping companies such as Quanser and Clearpath with the increase of sales revenue and the development of international business opportunities. Clients included Stanford University, Georgia Tech, Universidad de los Andes Colombia, Indian Institute of Technology and hundreds of other top engineering institutions around the world.

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