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“Success Matters, Failure is Inconsequential”

My favourite quote is “Success Matters, Failure is Inconsequential” by Vinod Khosla, the prolific Silicon Valley billionaire VC & founder of Sun Microsystems. When we’re 100 years old and sitting around, our failures will most probably be long forgotten. It’s our successes that will be etched into the history books of eternity.

Many of you are aware of the challenges we’ve been facing over the past year in India with respect to the Reserve Bank of India. Due to these hurdles that we are currently facing in India, we are seeking partnership opportunities outside of India. If you are interested in exploring the idea of working with Unocoin to bring digital currency solutions to your country, reach out.

In the meantime, I’ve also personally decided to open myself up to new opportunities within the bitcoin, robotics and cannabis industries. If you’ve enjoyed my work in the past and wish to explore collaborative opportunities, this is the time to reach out.

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