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The Future of IT: Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain

I’ve recently become obsessed with learning about learning, machine learning, that is. Machine learning, or Artificial Intelligence, is literally everywhere. Now with the recent breakthrough in deep learning, the impact AI’s had on the world is omnipresent and growing exponentially. What really sparked my imagination is a new book titled: “AI SUPERPOWERS: China, Silicon Valley and The New World Order” by Kai-Fu Lee. His story is both touching and informative:

One of the main issues that comes up in his book is the threat that all of this data that A.I. needs sits within the walls of 7 or 8 companies and 2 governments. That’s a bit scary. What if blockchain could be used in an intelligent way to keep A.I. honest? What if we could build TensorFlow on top of blockchain technology? What if we could store individual data on the blockchain so that only individuals would have access to it? Decisions taken by AI systems can be difficult for humans to comprehend, but blockchain can shed new light on this by helping us track the thinking process, and understand decisions.

Although blockchain and AI have great potential in their own right, one can’t help but wonder what they may achieve if their combined force were put to good use. Both technologies are mutually inclusive, and could potentially pave the way for a much more transparent, and efficient world. The Google talk below is titled "Quantum Computing, AI and Blockchain: The Future of IT". It’s the most fascinating video talk I’ve seen in a very long time. Check it out:

Shoucheng Zhang (Chinese: 张首晟; February 15, 1963 – December 1, 2018) was a Chinese-American physicist who was the JG Jackson and CJ Wood professor of physics at Stanford University. He was a condensed matter theorist known for his work on topological insulators, the quantum Hall effect, the quantum spin Hall effect, spintronics, and high-temperature superconductivity.

Which finally led me to this article by him which was recently posted on Alibaba’s cloud site: The Association of Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain

"Quantum computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain are the three most fundamental technologies in the field of information technology today. The emphasis on basic science will enable IT to develop across disciplines. Physics and Mathematics are intertwined, and they have clearly contributed significantly towards the current IT revolution," Shoucheng Zhang.

To read the full article, see here:

I know this stuff sounds super nerdy, but if this is an area of interest to you, then please reach out. To me, this sounds like a very a compelling future. Could it be true? Could it be such that the Future of IT is just around the corner? Could it be such that Quantum Computing, A.I. and Blockchain come together to create a brighter future of everyone? I don’t know just yet, but instead of standing around and finding out, why not use these building blocks of science to build a brighter future. Watch this space. Until next time….

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