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Stay in the Moment

In the Moment

I live in Toronto and have called this city home for nearly 2 decades. With the Raptors in the finals, the city is literally buzzing with energy. People everywhere are extra friendly and social. It makes me wonder why people are not like this all the time.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Raptors team is their newest edition, a silent superstar who goes by the name of Kawhi Leonard. If you don’t follow basketball, many people are comparing him to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. What’s special about him, however, is his calm and collected manner.

I’ve been watching his interviews and there’s one common theme, and that’s “Stay in the Moment”. This interview that just came out, has at least 3 interviewers asking him how he maintains his high level of presence on and off the court. His response is simple yet informative. Check it out…

Kawhi’s ability to stay in the moment has had a noticeable impact on everyone else on the team. Listen to Kyle Lowry, as he talks about staying in the moment, being grateful and the importance of being goal oriented.

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